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Professional white water kayaker

  • Date of birth: 11/30/74
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Home town: Altay mountains, Russia
  • Occupation: kayaker

Vasilii's contribution to Russian kayaking cannot be underestimated. He actually is a big part of Russian kayaking.

He started back in 1992. He became professional very long ago and keeps doing the only thing in his life that he loves desperately – kayaking. He lives in Altai mountains since 2002. Author of three kayaking movies.

Extreme kayak school instructor. He is one of the best safety kayakers in Russia. This guy can save peoples lives where it seems almost impossible.

Founder and organizer of "Captain Hole" freestyle competition.

He's a participant and organizer of numerous kayak expeditions, impossible to name them all. Possesses the biggest knowledge of rivers of Asian part of Russia and former USSR.

Holds number of first descent as well:

   * Gonochhir river first descent. Caucasus 1998
   * Akh-Su rapids first descent. Mzymta river. Caucasus 1998 (Yes. Corran Eddison was after Vasilii Porsev!)
   * Right Gromotuha first descent. Kazakhstan 2004
   * Kurkure first descent. Altai 2005
   * Muksu kayak first descent. Tajikistan 2006
   * Left Gromotuha first descent. Kazakhstan 2008
   * Koksu waterfalls first descent. Kazakhstan 2008
   * Kaljir first kayak descent. Kazakhstan 2008

Extreme kayaking competing:

   * Mazhoy rally champion 2003, 2006
   * Mazhoy rally medalist 2004, 2005
   * 6th Baon Extreme Race of Russia. Caucasus 2005 (First of Russians, right after Tao Berman and Liquid Logic pro team)


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